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Westlake Races Past Great Mills 67-30

Posted Wednesday, October 25, 2006 by Richard Holzer

October 20th, 2006 was the day of Great Mills(2-5) High School Homecoming game, they elected to play Westlake High School(6-1). The result was a 67-30 win by Westlake, but dont let the score fool you though, the game was close as the first half ended.

In the first half it was nothing short of a shoot out. The Great Mills offense came out and threw the ball constantly against the Westlake defense, lead by senior inside linbacker Aurthor Gross, which lead them to the endzone plenty of times. Westlake also got to the endzone many times as well, only they did it on the ground behind the play of a superb O-line lead by senior center Richard Fluharty.

As the second half got under way the Westlake offense literally exploded as they put up 37 second half points to Great Mills 7. Westlakes defense also came to play at a different level, thanks to inspiring talk by defensive coach Rich Holzer. As a result the defense harrassed Great Mills quarterback and ended a threating pass offense that had held them at bay, as the game came to end, so did Great Mills aspiration of defeating the defending SMAC champions.

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